ZeroWater Launches First High Performance Water Filtration Bottle

Patented 5-stage filtration technology provides the first-ever personal filtration bottle to remove virtually all dissolved solids from tap water

press release             Feb. 27, 2013, 8:08 a.m. EST

CHICAGO, Feb. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Zero Technologies, developers of the only 5-stage, dual ion exchange tap water filtration pitchers and dispensers, unveiled a personal filtration bottle that features the company’s patented 5-stage filter technology. The portable filtration bottle continues ZeroWater’s tradition of being the most effective system in its category for removal of dissolved solids from tap water. The new portable 30-oz. filtration bottle, perfect for on-the-go water filtration, will launch at the 2013 International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago.

ZeroWater Sports Travel Bottle

ZeroWater Launches First High Performance Water Filtration Bottle

“Our new personal filtration bottle combines a truly high-performance water filter with a sleek-looking and ergonomic design to provide pure-tasting water that is free of dissolved solids anywhere you go,” said Doug Kellam, CEO of ZeroWater. “The bottle provides piece of mind knowing that no matter where the water comes from, you can have great tasting H2O that measures 000 for dissolved solids. The bottle is perfect for keeping in the car, office, commuting or traveling.”

ZeroWater’s new personal sized 30-oz. bottle offers five stages of filtration that remove 99.6% of dissolved solids from tap water. Most portable water bottles, such as Brita, only offer a plain carbon block filter that removes less than 50 percent of dissolved solids. ZeroWater’s new portable bottle is the only system that delivers filtered water comparable to purified bottled water, with a 000 ppm reading.

ZeroWater’s personal filtration bottle also features a next generation lid design and filter change indication technology. The all-new 3-position lid design allows the customer to fill, seal and drink from the bottle without ever removing the cap. A twist & flip straw with ergonomic handle makes the bottle easy to hold and use for all ages. The bottle’s unique filter replacement indicator technology – a color change window – signals when the filter needs changing. The need to replace is based on actual water quality, better than other indicators which base replacement on time.

“We at ZeroWater feel that the combination of our 5-stage filter system, along with great features like the filter change indicator and 3-way lid make this bottle an unrivaled premium solution in the burgeoning portable filtration category,” adds Kellam.

The bottle is BPA-free and offers consumers dissolved solid-free drinking water without the cost or the waste of purchasing plastic water bottles. The personal filtration bottle will be available at major retailers later this year.

For more information about ZeroWater and its family of water filtration products, including the 6-Cup and 10-Cup pitcher and 23-Cup dispenser, visit

About Zero Technologies, LLC:

Zero Technologies, LLC – based in Bensalem, PA – has developed the ZeroWater Filtration System with the mission of delivering the best filtration possible to consumers through its patented 5-stage ion exchange filter which removes virtually all total dissolved solids (TDS). No other filter pitcher or dispenser can make this claim. By removing virtually all TDS, ZeroWater is the only gravity-fed filtration system to match the TDS levels found in Purified Bottled Water. To date, the breakthrough ZeroWater filter has received certifications by NSF International and the Water Quality Association for the removal of copper, iron, zinc, aluminum, lead, chromium, mercury, chlorine and hydrogen sulfide. In addition, Good Housekeeping Research Institute findings reveal that ZeroWater filters remove more pharmaceuticals and chemicals than Brita and PUR.


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Good Housekeeping Institute Research – Water Filters

“ZeroWater Removes More Chemicals Than Other Filters!”

Good Housekeeping Independent Research Proves ZeroWater Filtration Products Outperform Brita and PUR in Removing Chemicals from Tap Water

Hormones, drugs, and  even pesticides could be flowing from your faucet. No one can say for sure, because the government doesn’t require testing for them. But in  recent groundbreaking research, Good Housekeeping found ordinary water pitchers and refrigerator filters that can get rid of these scary chemicals.

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Top ZeroWater Myths

Zero Water Consumer Reviews

ZeroWater Water Filters Filtration

Myths of ZeroWater Filters
Listening to your comments and suggestions about ZeroWater products help us better understand what you (our customers) want from us. When you asked for a bigger container we developed the 10-Cup and 23-Cup products, when you asked for improved filter-flow we developed a new filter that eliminates airlock, then you asked for ZeroWater on-the-go, and we are responding (details coming soon)…. With this in mind, we reviewed some of the most common misconceptions about our filters and tried to answer them below. We hope this helps you understand a little better the quality of water you receive from a ZeroWater filter. With each newsletter we will answer another “ZeroWater Myth”.

Myth – ZeroWater filters don’t last as long as other filters.
All water filters’ “life-expectancy” is based on two very important factors; the quality of the tap water you are filtering and what is being left behind on a daily basis. Unless you can answer both of these questions you don’t really know how long your filter lasts.

ZeroWater is the only system that allows you to check the quality of your tap water as well as the water you are filtering. The TDS meter you receive with a ZeroWater pitcher measures the quality of water you are drinking and tells you exactly when to change your filter. Other filter pitchers only offer a calendar or “counting method” to determine when you should change your filter based on a clock and not the actual water you are drinking. There are a couple questions you should ask yourself if you are “counting” months instead of measuring your water.

What is the quality of my tap water?
All tap water is NOT created equally. Water quality varies greatly in the United States from the Southeast to the Northwest. In fact, the water quality may vary from house-to-house depending on the pipes in each residence. Unless you know the exact water quality you are starting with you will not know how long your filter will last. Some companies hide behind a blanket claim of 2-months or 40 gallons, but give you no real measurement or tool to determine when to change your filter. In a recent Good Housekeeping article Brita filters were measured to ‘remove some contaminants’ “…. but only for half the filter’s life”. So not only were they only removing a portion of the contaminats (we’ll get to that later) but Brita filters could only keep it up for HALF of their life expectancy. That’s easy for Good Housekeeping to measure with the help of the Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants at the University of Arizona … but what about you?

ZeroWater includes a TDS meter that measures the exact amount of dissolved solids. You will start with a reading of 000 and, depending on the quality of your water, change your filter when the meter reads 006. That’s it!

What is my filter filtering?
Most filter companies are very ambiguous about exactly what they are reducing from the water. Chlorine? Taste? Odor? Quite frankly, in our tests, we have found water filters on the market that removed less contaminants than a coffee filter.  Secondly, after you find out what your filter claims to reduce, you’ll want to know how much can be reduced. Each ZeroWater filter is designed to remove 18,000 milligrams of dissolved solids from your drinking water before needing to be replaced. Now you might be asking yourself “What exactly IS a dissolved solid” and that is a great question. According to the EPA, “dissolved solids consist of calcium, chlorides, nitrate, phosphorus, iron, sulfur and other ion particles …”. These solids could be present in your water from road salts, pesticides, fertilizers, etc.

More from the Good Housekeeping study, Brita removed “Above 60% for all contaminants (tested) …. but for only half of the filters life”, it was also noted “Throughout the (Brita) filter’s life, its removal rate for all contaminants decreased more sharply than those of others tested”. Conversely, in the same study ZeroWater filters removed “Above 95% of estrone, PFOA, PFOS, fluoxetine, BPA, ibuprofen …”.

So, do ZeroWater filters “last as long as other filters”? As you can see it’s not quite that easy to compare ZeroWater with any other filter you can find at your local retailer. Most filters on the shelf provide only the bare minimum in filtration and rely on outdated methods of filter replacement. ZeroWater filtration is like no other on the market; we specifically engineer our filters to remove virtually all dissolved solids delivering 000ppm, near-Purified Water. No other pitcher filter can make that claim.


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Why Choose ZeroWater?


ZeroWater water filters / filtration (commonly referred to as Zero Water) is changing the game in drinking water filtering technology. Recently, medical experts have expressed increasing concern about our nation’s water supplies.  Contrary to popular belief, water delivery and water filters / purification systems in the United States are far from perfect.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that nearly one in ten water systems are faulty.  And that means that nearly 31 million Americans are exposed to harmful contaminants in their water daily.

What We Filter

ZeroWater isn’t your grandmother’s filtration system.  Most drinking water purifiers / water filters available on the market today use the same water filter carbon process utilized for millennia.  While this two part process is certainly useful, it only eliminates the tip of the iceberg.

Contaminants present in water supplies are referred to as Total Dissolved Solids, or TDS.  Total Dissolved Solids include everything from heavy metals to carcinogens.  While carbon water filters effectively extract some TDS, they’re not chemically suited for everything.  Unlike its competitors, Zero Water water filters use a revolutionary process that effectively filters out TDS.  The following contaminants are classified as TDS:

●     Mercury and Lead

●     Phosphates, Sulfites and Nitrates

●     Pesticides & Fertilizers

●     Chromium and Mercury

●     Fluoride & Chlorine

●     And hundreds of other hazardous chemicals

●     Our Pitchers are BPA Free!

Why We Filter

The bottom line is that your water isn’t nearly as safe as you think it is.  All of the compounds listed above are known to cause extreme health problems in large doses.  But even small amounts can cause problems over a long period of time.

In order to reduce your risk of chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis and certain types of cancer, you need to avoid these compounds.  Unfortunately, most available water filters & water purification filtration systems aren’t capable of filtering dangerous heavy metals like mercury and lead.  But unlike our competitors, we go beyond the simple two stage process to remove all harmful contaminants.  We have actually received NSF Certification for the removal of Lead, Mercury, Chromium, & Chlorine to name a few.

Our Water Filter Experience Shows!

Our Zero Water Ion Exchange Five Stage Ion Exchange Process

While carbon filtration in water filters has proven effective since 2000 BC, it’s about time we evolve.  The world has changed a lot since the time of the ancient Egyptians.  And since we don’t still use leeches to treat pneumonia, we shouldn’t still use two-tier filtration methods.  Acknowledging this fact, ZeroWater utilizes the following Five Stage Ion Exchange Water Filter Process:

1.    Large Particle Filtration – Have you ever noticed that a cloudy or milky haze in your tap water?  If you have, it’s nothing too abnormal.  Plenty of city and residential plumbing lines pump rust and other sediments through our kitchen faucets.  And the first stage of our water filter process effectively removes all of them.

2.    Carbon Filtration – People have used activated carbon to filter volatile organic compounds from their water for thousands of years.  Carbon is useful for extracting chlorine and sediments.  However, it is ineffective at battling minerals and dissolved inorganic compounds.

3.    Gravity Screen – This third step is where we get creative.  After carbon filtration, our water filter system uses gravity to pass liquid through a second screen.

4.    Resin Beads - Our revolutionary resin bead technology makes Zero Water Water Filters stand out from all the rest.  These resin beads use ion-exchange technology to neutralize harmful chemicals.  Our resin beads possess positively charged ions that alter the chemical structure of poisonous and heavy metals.  These tiny filters absorb copper and lead then produce safe minerals like sodium and potassium.

5.    Water Collection - Once H2O travels through the four water filters, it’s collected in a containment pitcher.  Water in this pitcher is safe to drink and possesses an unmatched taste quality.

Zero Water Replacement Water Filters

Like all good things, our revolutionary water filters aren’t meant to last.  Over time, you may realize that your water isn’t as tasty or as clear as it was originally.  Really this all depends on the initial quality of your tap water.  So if your tap water has a lot of contaminants, you will need to replace filters sooner.

Truthfully, even water that tastes and looks clean can have harmful qualities.  So to make sure you’re getting the very best, we include water testers with all of our water filter purification systems.  These testers allow you to detect trace elements of contaminants in the water.  Remember that a test reading of Zero is the greatest score you can get.

Avoid The Bottles, Choose ZeroWater Water Filters

A decade or two ago, people laughed at the idea of bottled water.  Who would pay for a bottled version of a resource that’s virtually free?  But much to the chagrin of earlier generations, today’s Americans buy bottled water by the boatloads.

Purchasing bottled water isn’t just fiscally insane, it’s environmentally irresponsible.  And if that wasn’t enough, it’s not too great for your health either.  Provided below is a quick look at some bottled water facts:

●     They’re Expensive – According to National Geographic, Americans go through about 50 billion bottles of water annually.  The typical price for these bottles hovers around $1.  But that’s a conservative estimate based on non-name-brand bottles.  Therefore, the United States drops $50 billion every year on something that’s freely available.

●     They’re Bad For The Environment – Most of those 50 billion bottles of water are never recycled.  The ones that aren’t recycled either end up in landfills or wash around in the world’s oceans.  And because plastic isn’t biodegradable, they stay there for thousands of years.

●     They’re Not Too Great For Your Health – Most people believe that bottled water is pure because it comes from springs.  But unbeknownst to most, spring water is not regulated by the EPA.  In fact, some studies have suggested that some bottling springs are contaminated with industrial chemicals.  And in addition, these bottles are typically made with plastic containing PET.  This chemical is associated with leaching the carcinogen DEHA and the hormone disruptor BBP.

Our Philosophy

ZeroWater was founded in 1996 by a father and son team.  Together, they aimed to create a water filtration system that was both healthy and environmentally sound.  Now sixteen years later, this simple duo has turned a simple idea into a revolutionary technology.  And they attribute much of their success to the fact that they’ve always had people’s safety in mind.

Try It Out

We at ZeroWater know we aren’t your only option when it comes to water filter purification systems.  But if you truly want the cleanest and safest water available, you should give us a try.  Our Water Pitchers are also BPA-Free.  You can find Zero Water water filter purifying products at Target, Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond and online retailers like Amazon and Filters Fast.  Or you could visit right now and save $30 on your next water filters purchase!


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